Fall 2020

Zuckerman will be premiering a new composition entitled: Athens Trio, at HYLE Gallery, in Athens, Greece, September

Gardener Of The Apocalypse, the double-vinyl follow up album to ISMAY, Guide To Ismay Vol.1 will be released in October.

Check in with @gardener_of_the_apocalypse for showtimes and venue updates.


―   Fissão – Ostrava Days Festival

―   Casa de Buonaguro-Foerster

―   Ivan The Bloodburst -Cassette

―   Bar Bar – Performance

―   Icarus-Film

―   Capitalist Realism Surinomo

―   Ontopo 2018

―   End of The Night Café

―   The Auger – David Lewis Gallery

―   The And Group

―   Milarepa Opera Benefit

―   The Harmers – NYC

―   Really

―   Cologne Of The Maghreb

―   How About A Game

―   Eyes_1

―   Sister-Song Benefit Performance

―   Full-Contact Minimalism

―   Cordelia Film

―   Scores and Objects

―   A Cool Breeze on the Back of the Neck

―   Phoebe Zeitgeist – 16mm Film

―   Wolfe with an E

―   Ariella Von – Film

―   The Augur-Untitled Radio

―   Jiro, Digital Painting-Musical

―   The Harmers – LA

―   The Evening-NYCP

―   S.E.M. Ensemble, Emerging Concert

―   Good Samaritans-NYCP

―   How I Pulled Myself Out Of Swamp

―   8 X 8 Composers/Choreographers

―   Penny Film

―   Aplauso: Os Olhos Escutam

―   Magick City Residency

―   Reading/Non-Reading

―   Ismay: Guide To Ismay Vol.1


David Louis Zuckerman is a composer, visual artist and writer, working in the mediums of performance installation, new orchestral music and cinema. He is a company member of Richard Maxwell’s New York City Players and an alumnus of the Skowhegan Residency, the Labyrinth Theater Ensemble and the S.E.M. Emerging Composers Workshop. His work has been shown at Ciccio NY, On Stellar Rays, Untitled Miami, David Lewis Gallery, JOAN Los Angeles, Disjecta, Anthology Film Archives, Thomas Duncan Gallery, Kunstverein Cologne, Moma-New Director/New Films, Abron’s Art Center, 83 Pitt Street and others. He studied composition at Berklee College of Music and holds a BFA from The School of Visual Arts in Video and an MFA in Film/Video from Bard College. Zuckerman has contributed articles to Film Comment and Bomb magazines. A 2015 Rema Hort Mann Grant nominee; his work has been covered in Art in America, LA Weekly, Artforum, Cahiers du Cinema, Purple Magazine, Hyperallergic, The New York Times and Filthy Dreams.

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Capitalist Realism Surinomo

Project by Sophie Naess
July 24th, 2018

Dear friends, admirees, artists and models.---I’m writing to invite you to participate (hang out with me? perform? paint? read) on July 24th. Situations has asked me to program this day for their Temporal Month.---The gallery invited me to do something related to my portrait painting / writing and reading work, basically offering a studio for the day, which will be open to the public. I proposed “Capitalist Realism Surimono: an exhibition of towels with live painting and readings about pleasure and complaint.”---Surimono are a kind of Floating World era Japanese print commissioned by poetry societies to illustrate poems and depict their authors, or by celebrities commemorating special occasions like stage debuts. So Surimono is a kind of combination of image and text, related to persona and its marketability.---I am setting the stage with my towel collection (an homage to Konrad Lueg/Fischer, Mark Fisher, and Matisse. Towel contributions are welcome!) and I invite you to pose for a painting -- or paint one yourself -- possibly while reading a text of your choice (which may be excerpted or illustrated in the painting). This will be going on all day.---In the spirit of surimono, I plan to print an album of postcards of the paintings that get produced, but guests are welcome to keep their painted portraits.
-Sophie Naess