Zuckerman's focus since the pandemic has been on studio recording projects and producing. Winter/Spring 2021 will see the release of two brand new full length records: The Blue Tarantula and Mirage, exploring the limits of outsider pop, exotica and new wave, with contributions from colleagues and collaborators near and far. Spring will also see the re-master and release of the 2007: "An Early Record", with its nods to musicians Jim O'Rourke and Mayo Thompson. Athens Trio, a concert for strings, in collaboration with HYLE gallery, will have an official studio recording in February of 2021.

Stay in touch here and at @gardener_of_the_apocalypse for news and updates.


―   Fissão – Ostrava Days Festival

―   Ismay: Guide To Ismay Vol.1

―   Aplauso: Os Olhos Escutam

―   Full-Contact Minimalism

―   Penny Film

―   Reading/Non-Reading

―   8 X 8 Composers/Choreographers

―   Bar Bar – Performance

―   Casa de Buonaguro-Foerster

―   Ontopo 2018

―   Magick City Residency

―   How I Pulled Myself Out Of Swamp

―   Capitalist Realism Surinomo

―   Good Samaritans-NYCP

―   Sister-Song Benefit Performance

―   Eyes_1

―   How About A Game

―   Cologne Of The Maghreb

―   Really

―   S.E.M. Ensemble, Emerging Concert

―   The Evening-NYCP

―   The Augur-Untitled Radio

―   Jiro, Digital Painting-Musical

―   Cordelia Film

―   The Harmers – LA

―   The Harmers – NYC

―   Icarus-Film

―   Milarepa Opera Benefit

―   The And Group

―   The Auger – David Lewis Gallery

―   End of The Night Café

―   Ariella Von – Film

―   Wolfe with an E

―   Phoebe Zeitgeist – 16mm Film

―   A Cool Breeze on the Back of the Neck

―   Ivan The Bloodburst -Cassette

―   Scores and Objects


David Louis Zuckerman is a composer, visual artist and writer, working in the mediums of performance installation, new orchestral music and cinema. He is a company member of Richard Maxwell’s New York City Players and an alumnus of the Skowhegan Residency, the Labyrinth Theater Ensemble and the S.E.M. Emerging Composers Workshop. His work has been shown at Ciccio NY, On Stellar Rays, Untitled Miami, David Lewis Gallery, JOAN Los Angeles, Disjecta, Anthology Film Archives, Thomas Duncan Gallery, Kunstverein Cologne, Moma-New Director/New Films, Abron’s Art Center, 83 Pitt Street and others. He studied composition at Berklee College of Music and holds a BFA from The School of Visual Arts in Video and an MFA in Film/Video from Bard College. Zuckerman has contributed articles to Film Comment and Bomb magazines. A 2015 Rema Hort Mann Grant nominee; his work has been covered in Art in America, LA Weekly, Artforum, Cahiers du Cinema, Purple Magazine, Hyperallergic, The New York Times and Filthy Dreams.

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Cordelia Film

Cordelia (2016)
Feature Film by Writer/Director:
Veronica Gonzalez Peña
Editor- David Zuckerman
Original Score- David Zuckerman

Douglas Gordon -Jester
Michel Auder-Alain Moreau
Ingrid Astley-Ingrid / Regan
Cecile Casablancas-Ceci
Penelope Pardo-Penelope / Young Cordelia
David Louis Zuckerman-Play Director
Servane Mary Servane Mary-Marie Moreau
Pat Steir-Pat-Queen Lear
Alice Weiner-Alice
Phillippe Jacquet-Fifi
Jose Martos-Paul
Gabriel Hottinger-Gabby
Hugo Hottinger-Hugo-King Lear
Edie Astley-Edie-Goneril

Distraught over her mother's death, Marie suddenly hears from the father who abandoned her as a little girl. He knows her mother has died and wants to come see his daughter after a 35 year absence. Wary and excited both, Marie decides to let him visit her and her family at their country house. Her husband warns her, "You will be disappointed," he says. "You should not bring him here." Nonetheless, she allows her estranged father to come, and is instantly shocked when he arrives. Alain is an artist, cocky and self-assured, a sexy 'bad daddy' who immediately begins to disrupt Marie's quiet country life. At a dinner in his honor Alain feels backed into a corner as he defensively recounts all the reasons why he left Marie and her mother. Later that night Alain commits an act she may not be able to forgive. It is then that Marie must confront the reality of who her father really is and decide if he is someone she wants to allow into her life. Meanwhile, the children of the town put on a production of King Lear. It is here that we understand the deep tragedy of a demanding narcissistic father, not only for the daughter who is cast away, but for the father himself.